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12% Vol.

Garganega White Wine Verona

Cold fermentation for about 20 days with must and flower to preserve the color, aromas and scents of a vine that has always been present in the Valpolicella valleys. The garganega…

13% Vol.

“EL CENCIO” White Wine Verona IGT

From the dedication and extensive experience in the winemaking sector of Spada Renzo, also known as “El Cencio,” this important white wine with structure and great aging potential is born….

12% Vol.

Valpolicella Classic Doc

A vibrant, ruby red color and fragrant bouquet with a pleasing freshness on the palate. Corvina, Rondinella, and Molinara grapes varieties combine to produce a wine that is best enjoyed young…

13,5% Vol

“Ripasso” Valpolicella Classic Superior Doc

An antique technique for a modern wine. First Spada Ripasso was bottled in 2003.
Red wine produced exclusively in Valpolicella in the province of Verona…

14% Vol.

Valpolicella Classic Superior DOC “El Casotto”

Wine with a strong character and an elegant soul, very dry in the finish. A short grapes drying process of 20 days concentrates in this wine notes of red fruit, typical of Valpolicella…

14,5% Vol.

“EL CENCIO” Red Wine Verona IGT

“El Cencio” by the nickname of Renzo Spada, the founding father and chief exponent of our winery. We honour him with this most representative wine of the Spada winery. Carefully selected Corvinone grapes …

15,5% Vol.

AMARONE Wine Valpolicella Classic “LE PALÈ” DOCG

Amarone Classic “LE PALE” is made exclusively with grapes of native vines, gathered in property vines extended along the foothills, in the heart of Classic Valpolicella….

16% Vol.

AMARONE Wine Valpolicella Classic “FIRMUS” DOCG

Amarone Classic “FIRMUS” from the Latin language “strong – full bodied – robust” was Francesco’s first bet, who conceived it by making a change to the firm, run up until then by his father Renzo…

14% Vol.

RECIOTO Wine Valpolicella Classic DOCG

Produced from selected grapes that are dried for four months, this fine wine presents a deep, lustrous garnet hue and delicate nose. Historical wine, father and predecessor of the famous Amarone…

16,5% Vol.

AMARONE Wine Valpolicella Classic “RISERVA” DOCG

Amarone Classic “RISERVA” is produced from four Valpolicella grape varieties, cultivated high on hillside terraces. Only the best and most mature clusters are selected for this wine…