The history of the Spada winery

Since 1910 for 4 generations the Spada family is engaged in the production of wine.

The experience began back in 1910 with great-grandfather Giuseppe, it then continued with  grandfather Attilio and was then perfected by Renzo and  uncle Dino, This constant evolution of this cherished wine has shown us the great love for the land expressed by these humble and simple people

The Valpolicella is an area perfectly suited to viticulture. It  has become deservedly famous around the world, thanks to the work of people who have dedicated their heart and soul to the most magical product obtained from these green hills and plains between Verona and Lake Garda. The precious nectar around which the path of the Spada Family revolves: the wine, as an essence.

The Spada vineyards extend for about 10 hectares in the heart of the Valpolicella Classica, in San Pietro in Cariano. Crossing the fields it is easy to appreciate the care and attention that is given to every single row, and to every single vine, so as to make them geometrically enchanting gardens.

The process of drying grapes is the secret of Valpolicella, a task that requires years of experience and a great deal of precision; a fundamental passage for the realization of our wines. In our cellar the wine making process has been carried out for years in a traditional way, respecting both authenticity and quality. Finally, the maturation of our wines occurs within high quality oak barrels, in order to instill the final grace notes to wines that already display strong character.
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