Grape drying process

Our grape drying technique is linked to the production philosophy of Cantina Spada which is still completely artisanal.

The grape drying process is an oenological technique that consists in making the grapes lose water and weight, before pressing, to concentrate sugars, aromas and polyphenols. This technique is used to produce passito, sweet or dry wines, such as Amarone.

Our technique involves detaching the grapes from the plant and letting them dry in controlled environments, such as the drying room in the cellar. This technique allows you to better monitor temperature, humidity and ventilation conditions, to ensure homogeneous dehydration and prevent mould.

The duration of the drying process varies depending on the type of grape, the technique used and the type of wine you want to obtain. In general, it ranges from a minimum of 15 days to a maximum of 6 months. During this period, the grapes undergo chemical and physical transformations that influence the color, aroma and flavor of the final wine

The process of drying the grapes is the secret of Valpolicella, a job that requires a lot of experience and precision. The winemaking process has been carried out for years in a traditional way respecting authenticity and quality. Finally, we mature our wines in high quality oak barriques, in order to give our wine those final notes of strong character.